Monday, November 21, 2005

hey all

as the weather turns cooler, and the skies gloomier, i can't help but think how fortunate we were to have met with perfedct skies on our performance day. Especially since there was this huge downpour before starry night one week after our show. Then I remembered reading a line from somewhere while getting ideas for the script, which says "it never rains on the Ramayana".

but that was just something trivial. The real purpose of this blog is to publicize
FOOD TRAIL 101: the non ang moh guide to the best eating / drinking/ chilling and whatever else places in singapore.

All the lonely planet, footprint etc guides for singapore are not tt great really. I mean for one they dont list ambrosia at arab street so they have to be lousy. So i have decided to come up with an original food trail. Guests of honour are Brian and Emilio of course, and the date is Dec 4 after exams, evening time cos that's when all the good stuff opens right?

Send me suggestions through email as to the places to go yeah? Fifi, tell me where to eat tulang. it sounds dodgy but worth a try. Easties, tell me more about your side of the island cos i never go there. northies and southies and westies also. then i will plan the route and we will stuff ourselves silly yeah? ill also tell u all the estimated budget once i get the places.

woohoo! k see you guys soon. good luck for your portfolios and other papers.

Sue Jan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jan, you're the best!

4:19 AM  
Blogger Noir said...

Count me in. I'm definately interested!

10:27 AM  

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