Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dear THAR003 peepz!

Hey I just wanna thank everybody for coming down today, even was a friggin public holiday. A quick shout out to a few people:

BEE LIAN - For sewing the wonderful screen and side curtains: YOU ROX GIRL!

GUOFENG - For being interim HOT today (stands for Head of Transport) and for the wonderful boxes!

MICHELLE - For coming down so friggin early today to try out the Puppets

KELI, JAC and CARRIE - For staying all the way to the end even though you knew you could go home if you wanted.

YUWEI - For fearlessly leading the sets peepz, and now the puppeteers ;)

FIRDAUS, LIU YUE, SIN GEK, BEE LIAN, KELI, EMILIO, DARNIE, GUOFENG - For putting up those screens and curtains at the rehearsal space: BLARDY HARD WORK WOR!

JINFU AND GERARD - For running all the way to Sim friggin Lim to get plugs and light bulbs.

To EVERYONE! - For coming down and joining us at various times throughout the day. Really glad things are coming together already, and wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of everyone, whether you were doing Marketing or FOH, wrapping/spraying boxes, sewing costumes or playing with puppets. Means so much to me... *Sobz*

Keep your chin ups y'all, 10 more days to go, we can all make it ok! [Insert random THAR003 cheer here]

Blue_Nanchakus aka LN


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