Saturday, November 12, 2005

This is a shoutout to all who made Wayang Ramayana a success. What can i say, you guys are just unbelievable. The Puppeteer musketeers were just awesome, sound crew and lighting, magical, props, costumes and make up, you make ugly people like me even uglier. lol. Thanks! actors and backstage, they play came to life with your presence. FOH, omg, love the settings. dont you guys think so? it was amazing and even the judges were impressed with the atmosphere even before we started the show. love you guys to pieces and hope to get something sleep after this. We deserved this. RAMA!!!



Blogger Garunaga said...

I compose gamelan music. Maybe you'd like to use some in any future productions you have. You can have a listen over at

I have the first gamelan orchestra set to ever reside in Korea.

All the best,

Greg Turner

P.S. I found you by searching for Ramayana

4:44 AM  

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