Friday, November 11, 2005

Mission Accomplished

I can't believe that it was only 3 days ago Tracy, Jac and I were freaking out over the costumes and makeup of the cast while now as I am typing away, 20 hours had past since our show last night.

And what a show it was! Sitting amongst the audience (I know I know, I'm fortunate so don't hate me!) watching each and everyone doing their part from ushering to acting, lighting to coordinating, I've never felt so proud of a class I'm in before. 20 hours later, I'm still receiving congrats and high praises from friends and family who were there last night and even those who missed the show have heard how successful it was and congratulated me

Mita gave me goosebumps last night when she did her dance, Jason's solos were 'shiok level 10' and the puppeteers, I love love love the movements of the eagle and the deer! I think I am very blessed to be in a class with such a huge pool of talents. Now, I can't imagine what things would be like if I had bided for theatre next semester instead of this.

We took Ramayana, added our flavor (Fifi and Guofeng, I saw you two's battle of scissors-paper-stone), gave it our best and in the end we have a production which we can proudly call our own.

The production is over but the ties we've built shall remain. This is only the beginning. Love you guys, THAROO3 ROCKS!


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