Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I just saw pics from the SMU opening. Margaret dancing, Jamiel rocking! I miss you guys!!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Narnia tickets @ $6 per person (free seating - Suntec)

Date: 23rd Dec

Time: 4pm

à Contact person: Zhen Shen

T.h.i.n.k : POPCORN!

Xmas countdown party (our very own!)

Pss…We like to call it PPP 2

(post production party 2 -where u say cheee for ur 6 seconds of fame)

Date: 24th Dec

Venue: Ambrosia

Time: 10pm till late

Expect: Drinks, food, shisha & Thar-i-fic company.

$$$: Agar agar $6 according to Carrie

Link: http://www.ambrosiacafesingapore.com

An alternative: food-trail (if u guys have good places in mind!)

If you have other fatabulous suggestions ……

Scream..Shout…Squeal via email !

-mooo...rry xmas-

Saturday, December 03, 2005

hello all

School's out! Woohoo! but sadly, i have been called to sri lanka for a project so i won't be able to do a food trail till i'm back...which is the 9th...and i think Emilio or Brian will be gone by then...so anyway i'm just leaving my suggestions of the places i enjoy in Singapore or the things that i wanna do but have not had the chance to yet...

1. Holland village / chip bee gardens where u get excellent pizza for $16 bucks at Da Paolo's pizza place ( the wine selection is pretty good too)...get to visit the pet shop beside Da Paolo's...get to go to Wala Wala's and enjoy Shirlyn's singing...oh alright n EIC as well...get to eat Katong laksa and ipoh hor fun and zi cha and indian rojak and halal tender best chicken n satay...then go on a hagen daaz binge and to digest all that food...u can take a walk to cold storage which is 24 hours...and once done you go to crystal jade tt opens till 3 and pig out on xiao long baos...did i mention the mama shop sells every single magazine u would ever read too?

2. Arab street...besides ambrosia...there's bak kut teh n kampong glam cafe and the cheapest teh aliah in the country and all sorts of wonderful malay food and a bookshop that does delivery to everywhere in the world n where the sell a book on post-modernism...there's a shop that sells wayang kulit and the Malay heritage cultural centre is there to...oh n u can learn to do exotic / belly dances or if u prefer...u may watch instead...heh

3. Bukit timah al azaar/ al ameen where they open till super early in the morning n sell tissue prata n dinosaurs and hotplate tofu....jalan kayu would work too... or river valley after zouk...ok Zouk qualifies as number 3 as well..but only on Mambo night...

4. Benting Bronok or other obscure offshore islands....take a boat from changi jetty point at 5am in the morning...the sunrise is spectacular and you never know where you will end up cos it's pitch dark when u set sail at 5...better still...join a guided reefwalk and see for yourself how diverse singapore's dying coral reefs are...

5. Prawn fishing at marina is something i haven't tried...anyone game?

6. Woodlands Kopitiam at Avenue 1 drive 14...the western is superb...and a walk round the neighbourhood is really refreshing in the dead of the night...ladies please DON'T walk around alone...not safe...rape cases happen there quite a bit..

7 . chijmes insomnia....where u never sleep and the band is really good...well the old band used to be better but they skipped off to hong kong they played queen n all the 80s stuff but if u like all the music on radio + avril lavigne u will like the current band




i cant think anymore...brain has shut down...anyway hope everyone enjoys your holidays! daag!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

1920's Jazz Musical Animated Ramayana?!?!

It's true

Monday, November 21, 2005

hey all

as the weather turns cooler, and the skies gloomier, i can't help but think how fortunate we were to have met with perfedct skies on our performance day. Especially since there was this huge downpour before starry night one week after our show. Then I remembered reading a line from somewhere while getting ideas for the script, which says "it never rains on the Ramayana".

but that was just something trivial. The real purpose of this blog is to publicize
FOOD TRAIL 101: the non ang moh guide to the best eating / drinking/ chilling and whatever else places in singapore.

All the lonely planet, footprint etc guides for singapore are not tt great really. I mean for one they dont list ambrosia at arab street so they have to be lousy. So i have decided to come up with an original food trail. Guests of honour are Brian and Emilio of course, and the date is Dec 4 after exams, evening time cos that's when all the good stuff opens right?

Send me suggestions through email as to the places to go yeah? Fifi, tell me where to eat tulang. it sounds dodgy but worth a try. Easties, tell me more about your side of the island cos i never go there. northies and southies and westies also. then i will plan the route and we will stuff ourselves silly yeah? ill also tell u all the estimated budget once i get the places.

woohoo! k see you guys soon. good luck for your portfolios and other papers.

Sue Jan

Monday, November 14, 2005

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