Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Red sari + attire for soorp (if the peacock feathers look cacat, we will use gold hair accessories from the Indonesian Embassy..with a little vintage feel i reckon..Shimmery factor: 3.5 bling blings)

 monkey king --> head gear to change? +vest.

 for fifi . to be cut into scallops (think little mermaid scales. fifi to bring own white t-shirt)

 ravana (problem: suit--> too "current/now" ! Has a contrasting effect with the other costumes -traditional and post modern

 rama--> reunion/hugging scene




rama's collar piece, batik waist sash, head gear (Very chic!)

 jatayu's wings (Joanna/nanas from Stage it to help sew) , Batik skirt --> to make allowance so Mita can dance in it. Shimmery factor: 4. 5 bling blings!

 pattern of batik cloth

 lakshama's golden head band

 attire for Gods (3) white pants, silver sash

 head gears

 Sita's sari and flower for hair (to cut and pin it on..colour of flower: light beige and pink )

 sashes for "monkeys"


What we need:

* help from pple who can sew

* bow and arrow (am only able to rent one during the last week or so...ex :< ..If you have a harp, that's way cooler!

* retro plastic necklaces with gigantic beads. The ones that were in fashion not too long ago.

* white t-shirts (plain)--> the ah-pek t-shirts are way too thin :<

* make-up/bronzer

Please contribute anything that you think is appropriate.

Dont be afraid to share.

in its parts....seemingly junk

in its sum,  pure treasure :>


- from www.xanga.com/sparkly_bits


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