Monday, October 24, 2005

Placement for gamelan troupe is SNAPPED! until the group is open for more again, cheers!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

hey everyone, a sneak peek into the marketing campaign.. props to the marketing group!

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hey guys!!!

anyone interested in learning how to work the puppets?
any burning desire to experience for yourself how it feels like to be the dalang?
If you are, do look for me!
Currently i need people to help out with the wayang kulit puppets. I need about 4 people to practice with the puppets and get familarise with how they work,especially during our play. THis is as our coningency plan in case we cannot get the dalang to help us out on that day. We probably need 1 or 2 people to work the puppets on that day,and the other two to help out in the passing of the puppets at the right time and everything.
However,if you just have want to learn more about wayang kulit and the puppets,just feel free to join!After all,it is good to pick up this ancient tradition just to learn something new.
SO think about it,and those who are interested can just come to me!


Darnie the PIMP:

Looking for 3 bodies to play the gamelan: Contact Darnie the pimp!
Just posting so this blog exists.

Here is a link to the latest copy of the SCRIPT! (at least the latest copy I have).

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